About Us

Sam & Vivian Creigh's Rainbow's End Farm is located on a bucolic hillside in Springfield Vermont with long range views over the  White Mountains of New Hampshire.

Vivian a lifelong horsewoman began breeding, competing and importing Norwegian Fjords in 1988. She shows her Fjords in Pleasure Driving, Combined Driving, Eventing and Dressage. Vivian was  named as second alternate for the 2007 World Championships in Combined Driving  held in Dorthealyst Denmark with her  imported Fjord mare Olympia (Mira). At the 2007 National Combined Driiving Championships held at Fair Hill International  in October Vivian and Mira captured Reserve Championship and the Silver Medal.

Her belief that Fjords are perfectly suited to the lower levels of most horse sports has been borne out by the numerous ribbons her ponies have won at all the major shows on the east coast. Training doesn't start until her ponies are at least three and a half years old and then they are started in harness. The following spring  when they have reached the age of four they are broke to ride.  The emphasis in their early training is to go forward comfortably into light contact. When they are ready they are ridden off the farm alone , down the road and onto the numerous trails that surround her farm. With access to some of the top horsemen in New England Vivian believes in taking advantage of their expertise when introducing a new skill which insures that the ponies get the right start. The ponies are taken to lessons and clinics off the farm  getting them used to new places and new challenges.

We actively campaign our Fjords in all breed open competitions and we prove them in dressage, driving and on the trail. Their manners are impeccable and they have been PROPERLY schooled by only highly qualified riders and drivers, insuring that they are correctly on the aids and obedient.

Vivian would like all her students and buyers to have the fun and success she has had with her ponies. Great care will be taken to match buyers and students to the right pony. If  your looking to buy a Fjord and Rainbow's End Farm doesn't have  the pony for you Vivian will try and find a suitable pony. 
Thank you for visiting our site. We welcome anyone who would like to learn more about Fjords to drop us an e-mail or call us between the hours of 7AM-9AM or anytime after 6:30PM.
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Mira 2007 Silver medalist National CH.


Marnix on his way to winning Gladstone


Winona at her first horse trial